Here are the active members and the price list to become a member as of September, 2014

Our Members

# First Name Last Name City Province/State
2 Jean Provencher Québec Québec
5 Rénald Provencher Québec Québec
10 Normand Provencher Sainte-Catherine Québec
15 Suzanne Provencher St-Rédempteur Québec
19 Hervé Provencher Gatineau Québec
25 Jeannot Provencher Baie-Trinité Québec
32 Robert Provencher Gatineau Québec
33 Robert Provencher Ancienne-Lorette Québec
40 Jean-Charles Provencher Montréal Québec
41 Paula Provencher Drummondville Québec
46 Jaqueline Provencher Nicolet Québec
49 Jean-Baptiste Provencher Repentigny Québec
53 Jean-Yves Provencher Chicoutimi Québec
54 Roch Provencher Repentigny Québec
56 Yolande Provencher Montréal Québec
58 France Provencher Montréal Québec
62 Maurice Provencher Fort-Rupert Québec
63 Armand Provencher Montréal Québec
67 Huguette Provencher Ste-Perpetue Québec
77 Gilles Ducharme Montréal Québec
81 Jeannine Provencher Ste-Clotilde-de-Hort Québec
85 Norbert Provencher Montréal Québec
88 Yvan Provencher Verdun Québec
92 Guy Provencher Ville-Marie Québec
93 André Provencher Grandby Québec
105 Louise Provencher Mont-Laurier Québec
115 Brian Provencher Laverlochère Québec
125 Maurice Provencher Montréal-Nord Québec
129 Gilles Ducharme St-Hippolyte Québec
151 Réjean Provencher Ste-Perpétue Québec
157 Paul-Eugène Provencher Repentigny Québec
170 Donald Bellevile South Windsor U.S.A
175 Charles-Édouard Provencher Montréal Québec
177 Maryel Raciot St-Laurent Québec
190 Jean Raciot Rouyn-Noranda Québec
199 Georges Provencher Montréal-Nord Québec
200 Hector Provencher Trois-Rivières Québec
204 Gaston Provencher Repentigny Québec
206 Louise Provencher Montréal Québec
209 Claire Provencher Mascouche Québec
218 Roger Provencher St-Jérôme Québec
226 Luc Provencher Gatineau Québec
229 Gilles Provencher Trois-Rivières Québec
239 Armandine Provencher Charlemagne Québec
243 Marc Provencher Saint-Armable Québec
244 Roger Provencher Val d'Or Québec
245 Françoise Provencher Ville-Marie Québec
248 Robert Provencher Montréal-Nord Québec
249 Louis Ducharme Anjou Québec
252 Jacques Provencher St-Hubert Québec
255 Nicolas Provencher Montréal Québec
256 Julie Provencher Drummondville Québec
260 Suzanne Provencher St-Lucien Québec
261 Jean-Gilles Provencher Ancienne-Lorette Québec
262 France Provencher Québec Québec
264 Martin Provencher Ancienne-Lorette Québec

Our three memberships plans

Regular member

  • Full Access
  • Reunions
  • Votes

Premium Member

Most Popular
  • Full Access
  • Reunions
  • Votes

Member for life

  • Full Access
  • Reunions
  • Votes

Benefit Overview

Here are the benefits of becoming a member

Full Access

You will receive our biannual bulletin with plenty of infomration regarding the family.


You will be invited to partake in our yearly reunions. These reunions inform the members of the latest news regarding the association.


You will have an important role in this association as you will be able to vote for the future of this organisation.

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