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Why join Us.

Because we are an association that cares about family and new friendships. We believe that the best way to reinforce these links between the Provenchers, is to organize annual events and reunions.

Our Mission.

The assocation is here to gather people who are members or allied of the Provencher, to reinforce the relations between its members, to honor the memory of our ancestors and to develop the genealogy and the history of the family.

What we do.

We organize multiple events during the year and organise an annual reunion to discuss the associations future.

Our Team

People who have contributed enormously to this association.

Georges Provencher

Georges has been at the head of this association for quite a few years and his leadership has never let us down. His dedication drove this association to have a strong financial entity and is the reason why we are still able to have yearly reunions.

Yolande Provencher

Yolande stepped up as secretary for this association and has shown tremendous leadership and dedication to this association.

Jean Provencher

Founder and Historian
This member has done extensive research to reveal otherwise undisclosed crucial information about the first Provenchers to arrive in America. He is also the reason why this association currently exists. https://jeanprovencher.com

Nicolas Provencher

Nicolas is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the website of the association.
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